Vitakraft Emotion Complete Adult Guinea Pig (800g)
Vitakraft Emotion Complete Adult Guinea Pig (800g) Emotion Small Animal Food Vitakraft Malaysia, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Puchong Distributor, Supplier, Supply, Supplies | Progenesis Group Sdn Bhd
RM 39.00
800 g
The fibre-rich Complete food pieces are perfectly adapted in terms of formula and shape to the animal's specific species and phase of life. As a result, rodents are supplied with all the main nutrients and vital subtances - bite for bite and with an excellent taste, too.

All formulas are of course sugar-free and do not contain any artificial aromas, colourants or preservatives.
  • All-in-One: The best ingredients in one food piece, i.e. no selection.
  • Low Calcium: Reduced calcium content prevents urinary calculus.
  • Small Bites: Extra small food pieces especially for young animals.
  • Calcium-Phosphate: Balanced calcium-phosphate content for healthy growth in young animals.
  • Vitamin E: The high vitamin E content supports cell protection in older animals.
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